What is a Rhubarb Roadster?

For those who have had the opportunity to drive or ride in a Rhubarb Roadster, you will have experienced the “Tame to Insane” performance.
This completely NZ designed and built Kit Car offers vast flexibility for you to create your dream car within this amazing platform. We use the very successful Mazda MX5 as a donor car base.

Rhubarb Cars have not reinvented the wheel but have taken a proven formula and provided the enthusiasts with an opportunity to own a piece of NZ engineering that will provide a driving experience that is usually out of most enthusiast’s reach.
The Rhubarb Roadster has a 0-100kph time of under 4 seconds! That means you get around 400hp per ton and the best bang for your buck in a kit car.


Why choose a Rhubarb Roadster?

For those who are considering building a “Kit Car” The Rhubarb Roadster, which uses either a series 1 or 2 Mazda MX5 as its donor vehicle, is an exciting way of building your own roadster with supercar performance tailored to your budget.

What you need from your donor car to turn it into a “Tame or Insane” roadster is set out in the Build Guide section

While you may prefer to purchase the kit complete, we appreciate some of you will build your roadster over a longer period. To assist in your scheduling and budgeting we also offer the kit in three stages with no change to the overall price.