Building A Rhubarb

Rhubarb Cars NZ Kit Options

For those who are considering building a “Kit Car” The Rhubarb Roadster, which uses either a series 1 or 2 Mazda MX5 as its donor vehicle, is an exciting way of building your own roadster with supercar performance tailored to your budget.

What you need from your donor car is set out in the Build Guide section. What you need to turn it into a “Tame or Insane” roadster is set out below.

While you may prefer to purchase the kit complete, we appreciate some of you will build your roadster over a longer period. To assist in your scheduling and budgeting we also offer the kit in three stages with no change to the overall price.

Purchasing Options

Stage 1: 

This will get you to a stage where sub-frames, suspension, brake lines etc, engine and gearbox can be fitted.



Bare Tig welded chassis fabricated primarily from 38mm tubing of 1.6 and 2mm wall thickness with all relevant mounting points and brackets. Motorsport spec material on roll protection and mounting points for 4 point motorsport harnesses.  

Aluminium enclosure panels (predrilled)
             -Firewall, Footwell x 2, Floor x 2, Rear bulkhead, Transmission tunnel x 2 piece.
Hand brake mounts:                           
            -Steel handbrake and cable mounts.
Drive shaft hoop:                                 
            -To be bolted to the power plant frame.
 Hardware kit:                         
            -Nuts and bolts etc

Cost                                                                                                                $8535.00 

– Optional services available
            Sandblasting and powder coating of chassis
            Powder coating of chassis panels
            Fitment of panels to chassis
            Supply and fitment of the main fuel and brake lines to chassis



Stage 2:

With this addition the car could potentially be a runner.

Front and rear shocks: QA1 adjustable x 4
Front and rear springs: Bare metal to allow for powder coating or painting x4
Front wishbones: Fabricated front top wishbones, Certified x 2
Gearlever boot and fixing plate
Radiator, fan and radiator surround.
Aluminium fuel tank: Plus new sender float arm and in tank filter.
Hardware kit: Nuts and bolts etc

 Cost                                                                                                               $3985.00 

Stage 3:

This will complete the build apart from any performance upgrades and the electrical wiring.

Bodywork: Includes nose, dash console, rear bulkhead panel, rear body, guards, guard mounts, rear body mounting frame, grille, nose splitter, wind deflector, instrument binnacle.
Rear wing assy: Includes wing, end plates and cappings x 2, uprights x 2.
Lighting etc: Headlights, headlight mounts, front park/indicators ,side repeaters, rear tail lights, rear indicators, high stop light, number plate light, reflectors, mirrors.
Hardware kit: Nuts and bolts etc

 Cost                                                                                                               $5380.00


Total standard kit costs:                                                                             $17,900.00


Performance Items

For those who are looking for a higher level of performance we can offer a range of both chassis and engine upgrades.

  • Turbo kit components
  • Supercharger kit components
  • Bolts on front brake-upgrade kits
  • Front and rear sub-frame chassis tuning bracing (some sub-frame mods required)
  • Upgraded front and rear anti roll bars (some suspension mods required)
  • Sports catalytic converter, resonator and muffler
  • Front aerofoil kit    


During the development phase we have worked closely with Megasquirt NZ who have developed custom looms and engine management systems for Rhubarb Roadsters.
Where engine upgrades are being introduced you may need to engage with a supplier that can provide you with the skills and hardware required.
Rhubarb Cars also has the ability to carry out the engineering requirements for all performance up grades on your behalf.
Any options or performance items will be dependent on individual requirements and can be ordered at a time of your choice. At that time we will confirm the additional costs based on those requirements

Should you require further information or clarification go to the Contact Us page and let us know how we can help you with the decision whether it be Tame or Insane.


Terms and conditions

All parts supplied by Rhubarb Cars NZ are for the intended purpose of building a Rhubarb Roadster. Payment for goods shall be made of an agreed deposit of 20% at time of ordering and the balance prior to being dispatched or at the time of pick up.

Once these parts have been used to complete the building process the vehicle must then go through the LVVTA scratch built certification process then the safety compliance process so that a WoF may be issued prior to it being registered for road use.

Ensuring that the assembly process meets these requirements is the sole responsibility of the owner of the vehicle.