The idea came when we identified a gap in the market for an affordable, top quality, minimalist, fun road/track car with strong, reliable mechanicals, and which would lend itself to modifications and enhancements to suit the individual owner.
The name Rhubarb comes from a series of racing sports cars built in the seventies.
Between the four of us we have over one hundred and fifty years experience in motor racing in NZ, Europe and the United States. From designing championship winning cars in several Formulae, right through to running race teams in Europe and the States.
The Rhubarb Roadster creators bring this experience and skill together in a light, reliable roadster.

The Rhubarb Roadster is available in many versions, all based on common Mazda MX5 mechanicals.
All versions allow for complete customization of appearance and performance according to the customer’s requirements, with no two Rhubarb Roadsters so far being the same.