The Team at Rhubarb Cars

Rhubarb Roadster Build Team

Who is behind Rhubarb Cars? What’s their background and where did they come from?
Well, here is a small insight into those who created the Rhubarb Roadster:


Adrian Rimmer

Adrian brings an enviable background in engineering and motorsport knowledge to the group.
He started his journey in the late 60s when he and two other members of the group, Colin and Roger, built a series of sports cars that contested the National 2 litre sports car series with great success. These cars were known as Rhubarbs so that’s where the story began.
From there he moved to England where he was initially involved in jigging up and fabricating Formula Ford chassis and suspension components and then building prototype F3, F2, and Can Am cars. Upon returning to NZ he re-established his engineering business, Resource Engineering, and began building Go Karts. The Rimmer karts won numerous national titles and are still talked about today.
From there he was involved in the development and production of the internationally recognised Blokart product.
Adrian has used those years of experience and knowledge in the making and development of the latest version of Rhubarb.



Bruce Hancett

Coming from an engineering background it didn’t take Bruce long to become involved in Motorsport both as a driver and builder of cars and
components for single seaters, saloon cars, rally-cross, rally and dragster machines.
In the mid 70s he was off to England where he had several roles in Formula 1 and 2 teams before heading to America where he ran Can Am and Atlantic cars.
Since returning to NZ, he has been involved with many aspects of the automotive industry from sales management and Automotive Insurance products to the development of vehicle certification requirements with the automotive industry and Government, to name a few.
Over the past 15 years Bruce has maintained his interests in engineering and motorsport through being involved with Karting.
Bruce has been able to bring his skills and experience to the group in order to bring the Rhubarb project to you.



Colin Smith

Colin’s early motor racing career was closely allied to those of Adrian and Roger. He designed and raced the Rhubarb Racing sports cars, winning the NZ Championship in 1976.
Colin moved to England where he became the chief designer for Tiga Race Cars, designing a range of racing cars from Formula
Fords to Can Am and Le Mans sports cars. Many of Colin’s cars won championships in Europe, USA and Australia.
Since returning to New Zealand, Colin has been involved in the redesign of the Blokart, as well as setting up and running his own unrelated business.
Colin’s passion is in perfecting the handling and drive-ability of performance cars, as well as CAD design and, lately, 3D design and printing.



Roger Rimmer

Roger also moved to England in the 1970s and from there he was involved in the construction of Formula Fords, Formula 2, Formula 3, Can Am sports cars (two seater race car)
He was also involved in designing and building a two-seater roadster kit car sold in England.
He then moved to France where he continued to design and build Sports Prototype cars for endurance racing including Le Mans
After over 30 years overseas he returned to New Zealand and continues to use his skills in the Rhubarb roadster.




A message from the group

To those who get the opportunity to build, own or just drive one of our Rhubarbs,
Whether it’s Tame or Insane – enjoy the experience!